You Will Face Criticism No Matter What You Do

In every walk of life, you will find detractors who will criticize anything you do. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether you are a veritable scumbag or honorable citizen, someone will say something ignorant and judgmental.

The truth is, unless they are watching your every move, they will forget about you soon enough.

This is my personal way to combat social anxiety. You might feel like someone is judging every step you make, and maybe they are; some people like to people-watch. But they will forget about it in a few moments. We are all inherently selfish (it’s not a good or bad thing — it just is) as we have too much on our mind to care about what other people — particularly strangers — are doing.

Some food for thought. Something to remember if you feel anxious and/or monitored while in public.

The other day I wrote about living at home despite being 26. An old man (relative to my age), 52, from Australia, made a snide comment: “Move out of your mothers. 26, seriously?” Yes, seriously. Go fuck yourself.


3 thoughts on “You Will Face Criticism No Matter What You Do

  1. You’re so right that no one is immune from good or bad criticism. I have spent my whole life worrying over what people think of me in any given situation I’ve been in. And if it’s in a situation I am in, I burrow myself into a hole of anxiety thinking up and imagining other people’s reactions if I placed myself in the what-if situation. I don’t know if I can ever stop, but it helps to know that my attempts to predict the future won’t work because people are unpredictable. I admit there have been times I really pushed myself into situations where I felt seriously uncomfortable and anxious. And when things didn’t turn out badly, I still found reasons to feel bad, such as thinking it was a fluke that nothing bad happened and next time will definitely be bad.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment!

      Nowadays, I try to live in the moment rather than anxious about the future (even though I still fall prey to those thoughts occasionally). I always reinforce myself, “you are a human being just like everybody else. You are no better or worse.”

      One little reaction used to set me off. As in, maybe someone didn’t say anything if I held the door open for them, and I’d feel awkward about it. I’d feel strange if I said “excuse me” to somebody if I walked in front of them in an aisle at the grocery store and they didn’t say anything. 99.9% of the time, people are just too wrapped up in whatever it is that is going on in their lives. That person that didn’t say “thank you” might be thinking about an upcoming court appearance over a speeding ticket or something! That person who didn’t acknowledge me at the grocery store might be thinking about deals and getting the ‘right’ meal for dinner that night!

      Just letting loose and going forward in life has always been the best option to push through barriers. Action cures fear!

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      1. I’d say I’m still at the stage where it’s hard, right in the moment where I am feeling the anxiety, not to believe my own paranoia when someone acts a certain way that I perceive to be negative when it’s not. An example is yesterday when I walked into a store with plans of turning in my job application. No one even said anything to me yet and I was already coming up with notions in my head that people would be annoyed if I approached any one of them, just because I saw that the employees were busy. I was vaguely aware at that point how irrational I sounded in my own head, however, my insecurities were much louder than the rationality, so you can imagine which side won that day.


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