A Caffeinated Beginning to the Morning

That first hit of caffeine in the morning is incredible! Just incredible!

Ahh. There’s no better way to start the day.

A few minutes ago, I had no motivation to start anything. Just chugged a (warm, but I don’t care) SPIKE energy drink, and I feel fantastic. 300mg of caffeine, just like that!

Spike Energy. My favorite wake-the-eff-up energy drink.

I usually stick to my caffeine pills (200mg each) since they are cheaper than both coffee and energy drinks, but there’s nothing like imbibing caffeine in a liquid form (since it’s absorbed faster). The pills take a while.

I’m just about to do some schoolwork in a minute. I couldn’t help but express my adoring love for caffeine, though. Energy drinks get a bad rap thanks to idiots/prospective Darwin Award winners abusing them, but if you are a well adjusted caffeine user and exercise common sense when it comes to consuming one that’s preferably sugar free — and not overdoing it — it’s no issue. Of course, the media will enforce scare tactics on you.

I finished that Step Bet a few weeks ago. I’ll do a review on it when I get a chance. Let’s just say the results were a little underwhelming.


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