Is the Xbox One X Worth it For People Like Me?

I love video games. I really do. But I haven’t played a single game since January. I let my Xbox Live expire.

At first, it was because I didn’t have time. But now, for the last month, I’ve had the time, but no motivation to play.

My motivation to game comes in spades. I played the shit out of Forza Horizon 3 in November and December. I even dabbled in a little bit of GTA V online (even though its online is hot garbage due to the exhausting load times).

I’m excited about the future, definitely. Red Dead Redemption 2? Come to me, baby. I remember getting Red Dead Revolver when I was 13 in 2004; I played through it three or four times! Red Dead Redemption — a totally different game but in the same vein — came out in 2010 and it is in my top 5 games of all-time. 2010 was a pretty damn good year for gaming; two of my all-time favorite games came out. Not only RDR, but Halo: Reach. Y’know, Reach is the most maligned Halo game ever released, but it’s my all-time favorite having played every single Halo game in the series. You know why? Memories. 2010 was a rough year for me; my relationship with my first love slowly deteriorated. I was depressed. But every weekend, my best friends in real life, our friends online and random strangers would start up party chats and play from dusk to past dawn in SWAT and Team Sniper on Reach. I will always appreciate those memories. That lasted from October through December 2010. Amazing times.

The other day, Microsoft announced the Xbox One X. It is priced at $500. In a nutshell, without any fancy pants talk, it runs better graphics — but apparently only if you have a 4K TV can you tell an absolute difference — and apparently features a faster processor, I assume.

It’s $500. I have no problem with the price, because, well, I’m likely not getting it anytime soon.

My TV is a 32″ Westinghouse LCD TV that I got for my 15th birthday in 2006. It’s been an excellent TV. But it’s not 4K. Hell, it’s old technology even though games look terrific on it. I love it, though. But, with that TV, it doesn’t warrant the Xbox One X. I’m going to avoid keeping up with gaming news for a while to avoid the hype. There’s no need for me to pump that kind of money into a console given my current specs and given that my motivation to play video games is streaky and inconsistent.

Besides, I just spent $420.15 (tax included) on a 22″ Weber Smokey Mountain cooker. ‘Cause I’m a pitmaster… a wannabe pitmaster.

I wonder who else is in my shoes regarding having old tech (TV) and not having a reason to invest in the XBX. Speak now!


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