I’m a 25-year-old caffeine fiend from a rural area in the eastern United States. This is my personal blog to write about whatever it is I’d like. Outside of caffeine, I enjoy cooking, American football, MMA, basketball, vidya games (Xbox One; admittedly I’m a filthy casual), researching natural hormonal optimization (why not?), long walks on the beach and at lakes/parks, and being an annoying neat freak.

I’m hairy as fuck, probably because I’m part Greek and part Italian; I also have a dash of Irish, which likely explains my temper. Yes, I’m using stereotypes to breakdown my stereotypical self-awareness of being a usual white person. My girlfriend alternates between calling me her bear or her werewolf. Roar.. howl. The fuck ever.

My hair has been rapidly graying since I was 16. I took a geology class at a community college a couple years ago and my instructor nicknamed me, “Salt’n’Pepper” (no affiliation with the rap duo, but if you ever make a video collage of me, make sure the background song is, “Whatta Man”). I can’t tell if the gray signifies wisdom or just a genetic tendency. For practical purposes, I prefer to claim the former.

My last blog was titled, “Disruptive Paradigm” and I hated the name of it. It sounds like something an edgy 17-year-old would come up with after mentally masturbating over the idea of taking the red pill and seeing what life’s about.