VPX/Bang Energy Has The Worst Social Media/Marketing Team

I saw recently that the company VPX is looking for a new marketing/social media individual to run their Facebook and Instagram page.

I’d love to apply, but given my lack of credentials, I have nothing to show for what I could do, but what I do know is that I’d do better than whoever in the hell is in charge of everything with their marketing right now.

All the @bangenergy page does is post short clips of their models dancing around and shit with Bang energy drinks. What in the goddamn fuck? That’s all it is, without context.

Some dumbass would likely shout, “It’s working!” because the popularity of Bang has skyrocketed, at least since I started drinking it back in May 2014. I’m a huge VPX supporter, but the marketing team needs work. Not only should you show off the energy drink, but talk about what it does. It’s zero grams of sugar, so it prevents a potential crash, so why not do some humorous videos featuring an individual on the verge of passing out before sipping on some Bang? That’s a lot better than having some slut dance around with some random energy drink can.

It’s all hogwash.

Loving the drinks, though. Each and every single flavor. I’m a fanatic. I’d call myself the ultimate Bang energy drink addict, but there’s one guy who has me beat on that front, and I’m cool with that. I guess I’ll be the Daniel Cormier to his Jon “Bones’ Jones.

How You Begin Your Day is a Great Predictor for the Rest of it

This is simply my belief: how you start your day determines the rest of it. Sure, you can overcome a shitty start to a day, but sometimes it puts you in an uphill battle in regards to a negative mindset that’s difficult to deface.

I’ve noticed this the last few days.

My girlfriend’s family came in on Friday night and left yesterday. Each day, we were up early (fine by me; I’m a morning person these days). Saturday, we went grocery shopping for a weekend featuring epic meals (oh, they were). Sunday, we got up early to start up some barbecue smokin’ on my Weber Smokey Mountain cooker. Yesterday, we spent time together at Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops before they headed home.

It was a fun weekend, and it was sad seeing them go. Anyway… I had some damn good days, and it goes back to what I said.

Oftentimes, I fall into a trap. I get up, and well, as a man I’ll often wake up with rock hard morning wood, aching to get rid of it by…. taking care of business, of course.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the biggest waste of time is going to Tumblr and searching the “my butt”, “my booty”, “my ass” tags or going on Reddit’s many NSFW gonewild-esque subreddits and jacking off. It’s a waste of my time, personally, because two or three hours will pass by quickly, and before I know it I will have been edging for too damn long, and I’ll feel terrible about wasting that portion of the day sitting on my ass and doing nothing.

My typical, best days are when I wake the hell up, ignore taking care of my morning wood (saving up for my girlfriend for later), drink my water from my 64oz Stanley stainless steel growler, consume my caffeine, piss/shit and get on with my daily farmer’s carry workout and more. In the summer, I love going outside with just my shorts on, soaking up the morning sun and relaxing. It’s perfect.

Just getting up and doing something marginally productive is a great start to the day.

A Caffeinated Beginning to the Morning

That first hit of caffeine in the morning is incredible! Just incredible!

Ahh. There’s no better way to start the day.

A few minutes ago, I had no motivation to start anything. Just chugged a (warm, but I don’t care) SPIKE energy drink, and I feel fantastic. 300mg of caffeine, just like that!

Spike Energy. My favorite wake-the-eff-up energy drink.

I usually stick to my caffeine pills (200mg each) since they are cheaper than both coffee and energy drinks, but there’s nothing like imbibing caffeine in a liquid form (since it’s absorbed faster). The pills take a while.

I’m just about to do some schoolwork in a minute. I couldn’t help but express my adoring love for caffeine, though. Energy drinks get a bad rap thanks to idiots/prospective Darwin Award winners abusing them, but if you are a well adjusted caffeine user and exercise common sense when it comes to consuming one that’s preferably sugar free — and not overdoing it — it’s no issue. Of course, the media will enforce scare tactics on you.

I finished that Step Bet a few weeks ago. I’ll do a review on it when I get a chance. Let’s just say the results were a little underwhelming.

Food Lion Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Review: I Love My French Press

Morning bliss.
Morning bliss.

If I have any say about things, I will never go back to using an auto-drip coffee machine unless I absolutely must. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but after drinking my delicious French Press coffee this morning, the auto-drip machine pales in comparison.

I’ve been a caffeine fiend for about eight years now, but surprisingly, I’ve never owned something outside of an auto-drip coffee machine or a Keurig until yesterday evening. I’ve known about French Press coffee for years now, but yesterday I tried coffee from my best friend’s French Press for the first time. Maxwell House. It was pretty good. Strong as hell (in flavor) and I guess it’s because of the scoops to water ratio. I bought a Bodum French Press from Target and decided to give it a shot this morning.

The other day I was at Food Lion (a grocery story, for the uninitiated), and under their clearance/closeout section they had three bags of their limited edition chocolate raspberry coffee. Their name brand coffee was on sale for 40 cents off the original price last week, so I thought, hell, I’ll try it since the Van Houtte chocolate raspberry truffle K-Cups are my favorite.

I drank it a few times from my auto-drip machine. Eh. Alright. Nothing special, at least compared to the Van Houtte chocolate raspberry truffle K-Cups.

This morning, I tried it with my French Press. Holy shit. It’s absolutely delicious.

I hate to make this post about shitting on auto-drip machines, but as a caffeine lover and someone who simply enjoys the smell and experience of morning coffee preparation, this is tantamount to seeing the ocean for the first time.

The flavor from the French Press is incomparable! The clarity is just, wow!

I was planning on doing a review of Food Lion’s chocolate raspberry coffee, but it would have only been based on what it tasted like from the auto-drip machine. That would’ve been a sad review, because the conclusion would have been, “Meh”. Before, the raspberry notes were nonexistent outside of the scent. Now, the raspberry comes out so perfectly well with the chocolate. To compare the teamwork between the chocolate and the raspberry would be like talking about John Bonham’s meaning to Led Zeppelin!

Food Lion’s chocolate raspberry coffee is excellent. I’m not sure if the coffee is that way or if the French Press magnified the flavor. Maybe a little bit of both. They are the yin to each other’s yang. Tom Brady-Bill Belichick style.

My only problem with coffee (particularly any kind) is not knowing the caffeine content. I can be a little OCD about how much caffeine I put into my body (I just like knowing) and the lack of information is disconcerting.

Now it’s time to get a grinder and some whole bean coffee to experiment with.

Why I Love BANG Energy Drinks


VPX Sports is a supplement company based out of Florida. In December 2009, while my cousin was living in Ohio, we were playing NBA 2K10 for the Xbox 360 on Xbox Live. At the time, his sister was in nursing school. My cousin explained to me how his sister was drinking these strong, highly caffeinated energy drinks called “Redline” and that they were helping her kick ass at whatever task was in her way.

I was intrigued. 2009 was the year I delved into caffeine and energy drinks. In March 2009, I drank my first ever energy drink. An Amp. Soon I delved into the blue Monster Lo Carb energy drinks and never looked back. I was in an ‘online‘ relationship with a girl from another state (we talked for a couple years before it fell apart). I was also a senior in high school (graduated in June 2009). We stayed up late every night, including school nights, talking. Early days called for caffeine.

By that December, I simply enjoyed finding new energy drinks and trying them out. My cousin in Ohio did, too. He came to visit for Christmas for Christmas and New Years, and we went on many hunts trying to find new energy drinks to try.

One night, I decided we’d go to Walmart and I’d try to find Redline. Long story short, I found it, tried it the next day and I loved it. The energy rush was unreal. I worked out, cleaned up my house and felt invincible. I picked up two four-packs in January 2010 from Rite Aid and loved those, too.

I didn’t drink any for a while, but that’s only because I slipped back into my Monster Lo Carb routine. By September 2010, I tried Redline again, but VPX — the makers — had reformulated the product. Irresponsible idiots neglected their health and the warning label on the bottle and misused it, cried about it on the internet and I reckon VPX had to take action in order to avoid any more bullshit.

I wasn’t upset. It was “whatever” to me. I still enjoyed a Redline occasionally over the next four years after 2010, but it wasn’t the amazing drink it once was.

In May 2014, after watching a YouTube video where a guy ran around with an energy drink called, “BANG” and asked random women at some unspecified beach if they wanted to “bang”, I ordered a case of VPX BANG energy drinks. I knew they were from the makers of Redline, and I also knew that they contained 300mg of caffeine, its own patented creatine blend, BCAAs, CoQ10, glutamine, a little bit of vitamin B12 and light electrolytes.

I fell in love with the stuff.

I love caffeine in any form. Caffeine pills, coffee, energy drinks (0cal energy drinks). I use it responsibly within the self-tested tolerance levels of my body.

I love having a BANG energy drink with my first meal of the day (usually brunch). It’s delicious and helps power up my meal with its BCAAs. The caffeine intake is abated due to the food being consumed, and I’d theorize that the cortisol spike from the caffeine isn’t nearly as high as what it typically would be. A BANG energy drink consumed after a meal featuring scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil, bacon the side with a honey biscuit and a handful of prunes? I feel phenomenal.

I can’t empathize enough how damn good BANG energy is.I’m not affiliated with VPX in any way. I wish I were; I’d love to be a rep for the company. However, I’m not a bodybuilder nor am I a female fitness model. I support and freely advertise the drink because it’s a product I believe in wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t do so if I thought it was trash. I don’t have the desire to back up or support shitty products. However, BANG is an outstanding drink worthy of merit.