Roots of Fight: Overpriced and Overrated Apparel

Roots of Fight rides the coattails of celebrities to support their brand, while ignoring everyday people that have spent a plethora of hard earned cash for their overpriced clothing.

I have nine Roots of Fight shirts (and one hoodie; the navy blue BJ Penn one). They are great shirts; very comfortable. However, they aren’t worth $40 plus shipping. If I could go back in time, I probably wouldn’t have spent the money I did for all the clothing, based on 1.) the customer service is weak in comparison to other companies, and 2.) I just don’t support their ideas in regards to advertising and poor sales.

The thing that makes me smirk is that I just found out they blocked me on Twitter back in December, all because (in response to their winter/Christmas sale) I posted, “Very underwhelming sale. Shipping costs are outrageous and nullifies the marginal discounts on the site.”


So, your sale that drops the $39 shirt down to $33 which will be nullified when shipping comes into play gets called out and you block me… for that?

Roots of Fight, your business model and customer service blows.

The older I get, the less I give a fuck about giving my hard earned money to companies that don’t really give a rat’s ass about its customer base. I believe in paying money for nice things, but their clothing material isn’t of higher quality than anywhere else where you’d find something soft and comfortable.

Roots of Fight spent almost a year advertising for a clothing line featuring The Rock, and then when they didn’t deliver, they didn’t have the testicular fortitude to confront consumers about the bait and switch. The Rock smartened up and signed with Under Armour. Under Armour might have expensive clothing, too, but at least their shipping costs (and the threshold for free shipping) and sales actually make sense.

Food Lion Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Review: I Love My French Press

Morning bliss.
Morning bliss.

If I have any say about things, I will never go back to using an auto-drip coffee machine unless I absolutely must. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but after drinking my delicious French Press coffee this morning, the auto-drip machine pales in comparison.

I’ve been a caffeine fiend for about eight years now, but surprisingly, I’ve never owned something outside of an auto-drip coffee machine or a Keurig until yesterday evening. I’ve known about French Press coffee for years now, but yesterday I tried coffee from my best friend’s French Press for the first time. Maxwell House. It was pretty good. Strong as hell (in flavor) and I guess it’s because of the scoops to water ratio. I bought a Bodum French Press from Target and decided to give it a shot this morning.

The other day I was at Food Lion (a grocery story, for the uninitiated), and under their clearance/closeout section they had three bags of their limited edition chocolate raspberry coffee. Their name brand coffee was on sale for 40 cents off the original price last week, so I thought, hell, I’ll try it since the Van Houtte chocolate raspberry truffle K-Cups are my favorite.

I drank it a few times from my auto-drip machine. Eh. Alright. Nothing special, at least compared to the Van Houtte chocolate raspberry truffle K-Cups.

This morning, I tried it with my French Press. Holy shit. It’s absolutely delicious.

I hate to make this post about shitting on auto-drip machines, but as a caffeine lover and someone who simply enjoys the smell and experience of morning coffee preparation, this is tantamount to seeing the ocean for the first time.

The flavor from the French Press is incomparable! The clarity is just, wow!

I was planning on doing a review of Food Lion’s chocolate raspberry coffee, but it would have only been based on what it tasted like from the auto-drip machine. That would’ve been a sad review, because the conclusion would have been, “Meh”. Before, the raspberry notes were nonexistent outside of the scent. Now, the raspberry comes out so perfectly well with the chocolate. To compare the teamwork between the chocolate and the raspberry would be like talking about John Bonham’s meaning to Led Zeppelin!

Food Lion’s chocolate raspberry coffee is excellent. I’m not sure if the coffee is that way or if the French Press magnified the flavor. Maybe a little bit of both. They are the yin to each other’s yang. Tom Brady-Bill Belichick style.

My only problem with coffee (particularly any kind) is not knowing the caffeine content. I can be a little OCD about how much caffeine I put into my body (I just like knowing) and the lack of information is disconcerting.

Now it’s time to get a grinder and some whole bean coffee to experiment with.

Why I Love BANG Energy Drinks


VPX Sports is a supplement company based out of Florida. In December 2009, while my cousin was living in Ohio, we were playing NBA 2K10 for the Xbox 360 on Xbox Live. At the time, his sister was in nursing school. My cousin explained to me how his sister was drinking these strong, highly caffeinated energy drinks called “Redline” and that they were helping her kick ass at whatever task was in her way.

I was intrigued. 2009 was the year I delved into caffeine and energy drinks. In March 2009, I drank my first ever energy drink. An Amp. Soon I delved into the blue Monster Lo Carb energy drinks and never looked back. I was in an ‘online‘ relationship with a girl from another state (we talked for a couple years before it fell apart). I was also a senior in high school (graduated in June 2009). We stayed up late every night, including school nights, talking. Early days called for caffeine.

By that December, I simply enjoyed finding new energy drinks and trying them out. My cousin in Ohio did, too. He came to visit for Christmas for Christmas and New Years, and we went on many hunts trying to find new energy drinks to try.

One night, I decided we’d go to Walmart and I’d try to find Redline. Long story short, I found it, tried it the next day and I loved it. The energy rush was unreal. I worked out, cleaned up my house and felt invincible. I picked up two four-packs in January 2010 from Rite Aid and loved those, too.

I didn’t drink any for a while, but that’s only because I slipped back into my Monster Lo Carb routine. By September 2010, I tried Redline again, but VPX — the makers — had reformulated the product. Irresponsible idiots neglected their health and the warning label on the bottle and misused it, cried about it on the internet and I reckon VPX had to take action in order to avoid any more bullshit.

I wasn’t upset. It was “whatever” to me. I still enjoyed a Redline occasionally over the next four years after 2010, but it wasn’t the amazing drink it once was.

In May 2014, after watching a YouTube video where a guy ran around with an energy drink called, “BANG” and asked random women at some unspecified beach if they wanted to “bang”, I ordered a case of VPX BANG energy drinks. I knew they were from the makers of Redline, and I also knew that they contained 300mg of caffeine, its own patented creatine blend, BCAAs, CoQ10, glutamine, a little bit of vitamin B12 and light electrolytes.

I fell in love with the stuff.

I love caffeine in any form. Caffeine pills, coffee, energy drinks (0cal energy drinks). I use it responsibly within the self-tested tolerance levels of my body.

I love having a BANG energy drink with my first meal of the day (usually brunch). It’s delicious and helps power up my meal with its BCAAs. The caffeine intake is abated due to the food being consumed, and I’d theorize that the cortisol spike from the caffeine isn’t nearly as high as what it typically would be. A BANG energy drink consumed after a meal featuring scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil, bacon the side with a honey biscuit and a handful of prunes? I feel phenomenal.

I can’t empathize enough how damn good BANG energy is.I’m not affiliated with VPX in any way. I wish I were; I’d love to be a rep for the company. However, I’m not a bodybuilder nor am I a female fitness model. I support and freely advertise the drink because it’s a product I believe in wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t do so if I thought it was trash. I don’t have the desire to back up or support shitty products. However, BANG is an outstanding drink worthy of merit.

StepBet: An Experiment and Ongoing Review of a Promising New App (Part 1: Days 1-2)

stepbet1 stepbet2

Damn right, StepBet! Since I’m endorsing you guys by writing this post and bestowing it with the word “promising” in the kind title, you guys should hook me up… with a verbal high five in the comments or somethin’.

StepBet is an app you can download on your phone. I found it the other day while I was looking through the partner apps for S Health on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (S Health is a step counter app with a few other perks). The idea is genius. You and a group of people from around the world (who also have access to this app) walk and get paid for it.

Well, it’s not that simple, but that’s the simplistic premise. StepBet syncs with either S Health, FitBit or Google Fit. When you sign up for StepBet, you join a ‘game’ with other people. Among every person, there’s a pot. To enter the game, you pay a certain amount (I’ve only seen $40) and each person’s $40 goes into the total pot. Usually games last for six weeks (a warmup week where you cannot be eliminated is included in the beginning). Each week, you must meet your active goals four times along with two ‘stretch’ days (which are days where you step goals are increased a little bit). You get one offday per week where you don’t need or have to meet your step goal.

What determines your step goals is your past history with the app that you are using to sync with StepBet. From what I’ve read, you must have one week of history of use with the app you are using. My goals for the entire game are, for my active days 7,060 steps and for my stretch days 9,360 steps.

If you complete your goals each week for the duration of the game, not only do you get your $40 back, but you gain a share of the pot. I joined the group “Super Steppers”. There are 1,286 people in the game, and the pot is $51,440. I’m not sure how much I’ll win of that pot in the end, but I will report back here when the time comes. If you fail to reach your step goals, you are not only out of the game but out $40. My main motivation is to keep my $40. It’s a mild adrenaline rush.

I can’t afford to lose my $40 right now. At the moment, $40 is a good bit of money to me. I know I can complete this challenge; I have all the opportunities to do so, right here at home. Yesterday was day one, and I already completed 1,500 steps in my room. By the time I got home from class and the grocery store, I’d already almost hit 5,000 steps. I walked 14,952 steps yesterday, reaching one of my stretch days for the week.

I’ll write another update in a couple weeks and a final update at the end of the game to report back on my thoughts and how well I did to conclude the review.

(Note: I am not affiliated with StepBet in any way. This is an objective user reported review in order to provide feedback for other prospective users that are interested in the StepBet app.)