Jeff Pearlman. Occupation: Whining and Crying About Donald Trump 24/7

I love Jeff Pearlman. Great writer and seems like a nice guy. Loved “Boys Will Be Boys” and “Showtime”. Still need to read “Sweetness”.

But I deleted him off of Facebook because all he — literally — does is bitch, whine and cry incessantly about Donald Trump every single day of the goddamn week.

The reaction to Trump’s presidency is worse than the way people reacted to Obama in 2008/2009 (reference: I live in a pretty small, rural town full of old conservatives). When Trump defeated Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, I read grown adults writing things like, “I can’t stop sobbing” and “I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my daughters”. Jesus fucking Christ… I once thought the “safe space” meme was overplayed, but it’s a reality.

Look, I don’t mind when people opine their opinions. That’s exactly what I’m doing. However, day after day after day of the same stupid, old shit gets tiring, whether you are a liberal or conservative or plain ol’ bitcher’n’moaner. I was Facebook friends with Pearlman for a couple years. The first several “Trump is shit lol wtf is he doing? omg he’s not fit to run dis country omg we are effed omg what is he doin now???” were alright. I looked past them. But day after day, it’s the same old shit from Pearlman, a sportswriter. Fucking hell, man.

“But if we stay silent, we’ll end up like Germany did in the ’30s and ’40s” is an argument I’ve seen. The Trump/Adolf Hitler comparison is the most mentally retarded comparison I’ve seen in a while. Apples and oranges. Besides, whining like a petulant 7-year-old on Facebook isn’t helping you fight the cause.

I’m Facebook friend with a redneck from Ohio that occasionally posts stupid memes about “making America great again” and “fuck Obama” every few months. If he was doing this every damn day, his ass would’ve been long deleted as well. Thankfully he posts delicious grilled and smoked foods every day rather than constant crying about the state of America.

It’s the same old shit from both sides. I hate politics with a maddening passion. Both radical liberals and conservatives are fucking dumbasses.

Remember when people didn’t say who they voted for? It wasn’t a personal matter. Politics have been discussed forever, but I remember a time in my young life when it was against the status quo to constantly, brashly emit your vested interest in a candidate. Now, people hop on Facebook and Twitter at the drop of a hat to impulsively pound the keyboard with their horse shit.

It’s just fuckin’ tiring, you know? “I’m right, yurr wrong! Neener neener neener!”

Three things make us men stupid: 1.) sports, 2.) politics, 3.) beautiful women.

“How am I gonna explain this to my daughters?!” still rings in my head when I think of melodramatic dipshits reacting to the election back in November. Still blows my mind. This country is geared to overcome bad presidencies; it has done so in the past. What it’s not prepared to overcome is a crooked media.

We are a country full of pussies. Political correctness is harped about 24/7. Yes, you should be thoughtful and courteous of others. Yes, you should think about and love your fellow man/woman. But we need some humor in this nation. Everybody has a stick up their ass. Dark humor is how I get through and process pain. Every time I put mayonnaise on a sandwich, I make cracks about how my dad is probably flipping me off from his grave (he hated mayo) because of it.

But seriously, you are weeping with tears and wondering how you are gonna explain Trump’s presidency to your goddamn daughters?

Holy fucking shit. Pull yourself up by your boot straps and move on. Just as I am now doing after deleting Jeff Pearlman’s pussy ass whining about Trump.